Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This granny bed is made for action

I know a mature woman with a granny bed that lives in my street. This minx always changes in front of her open bedroom window. I'm not sure if she is an exibishinst or just oblivious that I can see right into her room.

So every single night I leave my house which is in the same street as hers and sneak into the shrubs and bushes at the back of her house. From here with my great zoom camera I can spy right into the back of her bedroom.

Every night right before she goes to bed, she removes her clothing and places them on her granny bed. It's here that I can see her slender physique in all her older woman beauty. She enjoys swanning around in front of the open window, I'm sure she does it just for me. I heard one day her name was Tracy, she lives alone so I'm sure she is hungry for a serving of man meat.

Next to her bedroom is her bathroom, the bath tub can also be seen by my hiding spot, outside in the bushes. I watch her now move into that area and fill the tub with hot water. I watch her bending over to fill up the tub. I can see her perfect rump and holes all exposed and waiting for me to devour them. Enough of my hiding outside it's time for me to be a man and knock on her front door.

So I did and to my surprise she opened it up to me. You see being a clever older housewife she already knew that each night I was secretly filming her in the backyard. I went in and she quickly undressed me, I put my clothing on her granny bed next to hers. We then moved to the bathroom and slid into the tub. It was warm and full of bubbles I could envision a fun time soon to start for the two of us.

We carried on in the bathtub, rubbing and caressing each others bodies and secret parts. We both knew what was coming next so we retired into her master room and slid underneath the covers of her granny bed. What an exciting night I had, much better then the camera photos.

Click here to watch the video action I filmed with her on that hot summers night.